GLOBAL WARMING
Global warming is a critical environmental issue in which the earth's temperature increasing.


Global warming is the result of human practices like emission of greenhouse gases.The greenhouse
gases are carbon dioxide,methane,water vapor and other gases.These gases have heat trapping capacity.During past several decades,the accumulation of greenhouse gases have grown rapidly,due to this ,more heat gets trapped in the atmosphere.These gases heat up the earth,s surface and results in global warming.


.1.Melting of polar ice caps.
 2.Melting of glaciers.
 3.Rise in sea levels.
 4.Un-natural patterns such as flash floods,excessive snow or desertification.
 6.Global warming can have long lasting effects which can result in climate change.
 7.Global warming is a serious public health and environmental concern.


Natural resource(such as fossil fuels, forests,water,minerals) depletion is another crucial current environmental issue.


Fossil fuel consumption results in emission of greenhouse gasses.
which is responsible for global warming and climate change.

                              CLIMATE CHANGE

Climate change is yet another environmental problem raised in last couple of decades. Climate change is likely to create a new community called "Climate Refugees" comprising of people who have to  leave their village because of loss of livelihood due to extreme climatic events.In the event of sea-leave rise,the fisher and coastal communities have probable to become Climate Refugees.Weakness of India in the event of climate change is more pronounced due to its ever increasing dependency on agriculture,excessive pressure on natural resources and poor coping mechanisms.


1.Melting of polar ice, change in seasons un-naturally.
2.permanent hang-up in growth of  certain plants essential for human survival.
3.Occurrence of new diseases,frequent occurrence of floods.
4.Climate change is not only changing the overall weather scenario,but has longer and harmful effects.




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