Internal combustion engine


Any type of  heat engine or machine which device heat energy from combustion of fuel .

Heat energy are two types.
1.External combustion engine
2.Internal combustion engine

1.External combustion engine
   External combustion of fuel takes place outside the cylinder
2.Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine  are most common from  heat engine as they are used in bots , airplane      ship and trains.
    Internal combustion heat engine on works of  principal of ideal gas law

   Internal combustion engine may be classified as given below ;
1.According to cycle of operation .;
   1. Two stroke cycle engine              2.Four stroke cycle engine
2.According to cycle of combustion ;
   1.Diesel cycle engine (combustion of constant pressure)
   2.Otto cycle engine (combustion of constant volume)
3.According to arrangement of cylinder ;
   1.Horizontal engine    2.V-type engine   3.Vertical engine   4.Radial engine
4.According to their uses ;
   1.Automobile engine  2.Portable engine
5.According to method of ignition engine ;
   1.Spark ignition engine  2. Compression ignition engine
6.According to method of cooling the cylinder ;
   1.Air-cooled engine  2.Water cooled engine
7.According to the number of cylinder ;
   1.Single cylinder engine  2.Multi cylinder engine

1.Parts common to both petrol and diesel engine ;
   1.Cylinder         2.Cylinder head          3.Piston         4.Piston rings
   5.Gudgeon pin  6.Connecting rod        7.Crank         8.Crankshaft
   9.Engine bearing    10.Crank case   11.Flywheel       12. Governor
   13. Valves and valve gear
2.Parts of petrol engine only;
   1.Spark plugs          2.Carburettor    3.Fuel pump
3.Parts of diesel engine ;
   1.Fuel pump      2. Injector

A.Parts common both petrol and diesel engine.
1.Cylinder - The cylinder contains gas under pressure and guide of piston .It is direct contact with                            the products of combustion.The cylinder is made of hard grade cast-iron and is usually ,
2.Cylinder Head -Engine Head or Cylinder head is the most important part of an Internal Combustion engine.
Infact cylinder head contains more moving parts than any other part of the engine.

Cylinder head is bolted to the top of the cylinder block


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