Modes of heat transfer

Modes of heat transfer

The literature on heat transfer generally recognnses three district modes of heat transmission conduction ,convection and radiation .These three modes are similar in that a temperature differential must exist and the heat exchange is in the direction of decreasing temperature .Each method has ,however different physical picture and different controlling laws.

Thermal conduction is a mechanism of heat propagation from a region of higher temperature to a region of low temperature with in a medium (Solid ,Liquid,Gaseous) or between different mediums in direct physical contact.Conduction does not  involve any movement of macroscopic portions of matter relative to one another .

Thermal convection is a process of  energy transport affected by the circulation or mixing of a fluid medium .Convection is possible only in a fluid medium and is directly linked with the transport of medium itselt.

Thermal radiation is the transmission of heat in the form of radiant energy or wave motion from on body to another across an intervening space.Unlike heat transfer by conduction and convection ,transport of thermal radiation does not necessarily affect the material medium between the heat source and the receiver.An intervening medium is not even necessary and the radiation can be affected through vacuum or a space devoid of any matter .Radiation exchange in fact occurs most effectively in vacuum .A material present between the heat source and the receiver either reduce or eliminate entirely the propagation of radiation energy .


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