The centrifugal clutch are usually incorporated into the motor pulley.It consist of a number of shoes on the inside of a rim of the pulley as shown figure .The outer surface of the shoes are covered with a friction material. These shoes which can move radially in guides are held against the boss on the driving shaft by means of springs . The springs exert a radially inward force which is assumed constant .The mass of the shoe, when revolving causes it to exert a radially outward force .The magnitude of this centrifugal force depends upon the speed at which the shoe is revolving .A little consideration will show that when the centrifugal force is less than the spring force ,the shoe remains in the same position as when the driving shaft was stationary ,but when the centrifugal force is equal to the spring force ,the shoe is just floating .when the centrifugal force exceeds the spring force .the shoe moves outward and comes into contact with which the shoe presses against the driven member is the difference of the centrifugal force and the spring force . The increase of speed causes the shoe to press harder and enables more torque to be transmitted .

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