Air refrigeration Cycle


In an air refrigeration cycle, the air is used as a refrigerant. In olden days, air was widely used in commercial applications because of its availability at free of cost. Since air does not change its phase i.e. remains gaseous throughout the cycle. therefore the heat carrying capacity per kg of air is very small as compared to vapour absorbing systems. The air-cycle refrigeration systems, as originally designed and installed. are now practically obsolete because of their low coefficient of performance and high power requirements. However. this system continues to be favoured for air refrigeration because of the low weight and volume of the equipment. The basic elements of an air cycle refrigeration system are the compressor, the cooler or heat exchanger, the expander and the refrigerator. Before discussing the air refrigeration cycles, we should first know about the unit of refrigeration, coefficient of performance of a refrigerator and the difference between the heat engine, a refrigerator and a heat pump. 

Units of Refrigeration
The practical unit of refrigeration is expressed in terms of 'Tonne of refrigeration'.
A tonne of refrigeration  is defined as the amount of refrigeration effect produced by uniform melting of one tonne (1000 Kg) of ice from and at 0° in 24 hours.


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