Classification of the mechanical processes

Non-traditional machining processes can be classiffied into various groups according to the type of fundamental machining they employ, namely, mechanical, electrical, chemical, electro-chemical, thermo-electrical, etc. The classification of the machining processes based upon the type of energy used, the mechanism of metal removal in the process, the source of immediate energy required for material removal, and the medium for transfer of those energies, etc.

1. Mechanical 

1. Abrasive jet machining 

2. Ultrasonic machining

2. Chemical 

1. Chemical machining 

3. Electro-chemical

1. Electro-chemical machining

2. Electro-chemical grinding

4. Thermo-Electric

1. Ion-Beam machining

2. Plasma arc machining

3. Electrical discharge machining\

4. Electrical-Beam machining

5. Laser-Beam machining  

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