Difference between battery ignition, magneto ignition system ?

 Difference between battery ignition, magneto ignition system 

Battery ignition system -
1. Source of current is battery,.
2. Difficult to start when battery is not properly charged.
3. The intensity of spark remains almost constant irrespective of the speed of the engine.
4. Wiring involved is complicated.
5. Occupies more space.
6. Requires more maintenance.
7. More expensive.
8. Used in cars and light commercial vehicles.

Magneto ignition system
1. Source of current is magneto.
2. There is no problem of battery discharge.
3. The spark intensity is poor at start and during idling, because the primary and secondary voltages depend upon the speed of the engine.
4. Wiring involved is highly simplified.
5. Occupies less space.
6. Requires less maintenance.
7. Less expensive.
8. Due to light weight preferred for two wheelers and racing cars.


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