Before supercharging an engine one should understand its effects. The following are the effects of supercharging engine. Some of the point refer to CI engine.

1. Higher power output.
2. Greater induction of charge mass.
3. Better atomization of fuel.
4. Better mixing of fuel and air.
5. Better scavenging of products.
6. Better torque characteristic over the whole speed engine.
7. Quicker acceleration of vehicle.
8. More complete and smoother combustion.
9. Inferior or poor ignition quality fuel usage.
10. Smoother operation and reduction in diesel knock tendency.
11. Increased detonation tendency in SI engine.
12. Improved cold starting.
13. Reduced exhaust smoke.\
14. Reduced specific fuel consumption in turbocharging.
15. Increased mechanical efficiency.
16. Increased thermal stress.
17. Increased heat losses due to increased turbulence.
18. Increased gas loading.
19. Increased valve overlap period of 60 to 160° of crank angle.
20. Increased cooling requirements of piston and valves.


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