What is the position of fuel heater in gas turbine engine ?

 In a gas turbine engine, the fuel heater is typically located between the fuel pump and the fuel nozzle. Its primary purpose is to warm the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber. Warming the fuel is essential to ensure efficient combustion and prevent issues such as fuel coking and ice formation.

The fuel heater helps in the following ways:

1.    Improved Combustion: Heating the fuel reduces its viscosity and improves its atomization, allowing for better mixing with air and promoting more complete combustion. This, in turn, enhances engine efficiency and reduces emissions.

2.    Prevention of Ice Formation: In aircraft gas turbine engines, high-altitude conditions can cause the fuel temperature to drop significantly, leading to the formation of ice crystals. The fuel heater helps prevent this by maintaining the fuel temperature above the freezing point.

3.    Avoiding Fuel Coking: Some gas turbine engines operate at very high temperatures, which can cause certain components to become extremely hot. By heating the fuel, the risk of fuel coking or formation of solid deposits within the fuel system is reduced.

The fuel heater is often located within the fuel system, close to the engine, and it may be integrated into other components like the fuel control unit or the fuel manifold. Its exact location can vary depending on the specific design and configuration of the gas turbine engine.

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