What is the definition of strength material?

 The term "strength of materials" refers to the branch of engineering mechanics that deals with the behavior of materials under various types of external loads and forces. It involves the study of how materials respond to these loads in terms of deformation, stress, and ultimately, failure. The objective of studying the strength of materials is to design and analyze structures that can withstand the applied loads without experiencing excessive deformation or failure.

In a broader sense, "strength of materials" encompasses the study of various mechanical properties of materials, including their ability to withstand different types of stresses (tensile, compressive, shear, etc.), their deformation characteristics under loads, and their ultimate failure points. This field is essential for ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of structures and components in engineering applications.

In summary, the strength of materials involves understanding how different materials respond to external forces and loads, assessing their mechanical behavior, and using this knowledge to design and construct structures that can effectively and safely handle the applied loads.

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