Is Material Science Nanotechnology

 Material science and nanotechnology are connected fields, however they are not interchangeable. Nanotechnology is a more extensive field that includes the control and control of materials and gadgets at the nanoscale, ordinarily at aspects under 100 nanometers. Material science, then again, is a more extensive field that includes the investigation of materials and their properties at different length scales, not right at the nanoscale.

Nanotechnology frequently use standards from material science, physical science, science, science, and designing to make and control materials and gadgets at the nanoscale. The nanoscale properties of materials can differ from the macroscopic ones, resulting in unique behaviors and applications.

Material science, while including the investigation of nanomaterials, covers a more extensive scope of materials and examines their properties, construction, and conduct at different scales, not exclusively at the nanoscale. Material researchers might concentrate on materials at the plainly visible, minute, and nanoscale levels to figure out their general execution and conduct.

In outline, nanotechnology is a specific field inside which material science assumes an essential part. Material researchers might add to the improvement of nanomaterials and the comprehension of their properties, yet material science itself is a really incorporating discipline that examines materials across various length scales. The special properties and applications that arise at the nanoscale are the primary focus of nanotechnology.

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