STRENGTH OF MATERIAL 

Strength of material that is the branch of mechanics .The strength of material may be define as any material of the strength .
In the strength of material we talk about different material but why do  we know that any mechanical engineer designs any machine here but we must know that when the material that we are using if failing ,if it does not know that how much load can it take ,we can not make a perfect machine .

The strength of material tells us that when any material will happen how it will fail and how much it will have to fail.

so this subject all about .

But when we come to the engineer level , we do not tell them in the terms of the load and tell them in separate terms that is stress .

When we load a metal ,then this stress is produce on it .

Stress - internal resistance per unit area of offered by
             the body of the object .
stress are two types.
1. induce stress    2. maximum stress

Strain -It is define a change in length per unit length .

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