Reading is the process of looking at a series of writer symbol and getting meaning from them when we read we use our eyes to receive writer symbol and we use our brain  to convert .Them into words  sentence and paragraphs that communicate something to us it is an important aspect of language learning and important skills.

Meaning and reading -

Reading is not  a straight forward process to lifting the words off the page . it is complex process of problem solving in which the reader words to make sense .

Importance of reading -

Reading compression is the ability to understand a written passage of reading compression is what allow to the interact with the text in meaningful way it is a bridge from passive reading & active reading from letter and words to characters and contents .

Reading strategies -

1. Previewing the text to get an overview/
2. Reading material is useful or not .
3. To get an general  sense of the article structure .
4. To locate relevant information .
5. To identify the section of the text needed to read.

Skimming -

note any print graphic quickly reading .

Intensive reading -

Received the sense of text

Critical reading -

1. Purpose
2. pattern of argument .
3. linking ideas .


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