What is method study


Method study is a systematic method of analyzing the method of doing a job including human movements involved in it.  


1. SELECT the Work worth studying and define the objection to be achieved. An objective may be to reduce the manufacturing cost, or to reduce bottlenecks or to reduce fatigue incurred by the workers in order to increase their efficiency.

2. Record all the relevant information pertaining to the existing method in detail and in the form of a chart to obtain a more clear picture about the same. Recording can be done with the help of following aids:

1. Process Charts:

1. Outline process chart,    

2. Flow process chart : Man type, Material type and Equipment type,

3. Two handed process chart, 

4. Multiple activity chart,

2.  Diagrams:

1. Flow diagram,

2. String diagram,

3. Cyclegraph,

4.  Chronocyclegraph

3. Motion and Film Analysis

1. Simo chart,


3. Examine the recorded events critically and in sequence , Critical examination involves answer to a number of question. An activity can be eliminated, simplified or combined with another. The basic question are,

What is done?

Who does it?

How is it done?

4.Develop the best method as resulted from critical examination and record it. The developed method should be,

1. Practical and feasible,

2. Safe and effective,

3. Economical 

4. Acceptable to design, Production control, quality control and sales departments.

5.Install the developed method or the improved method. Installation involves three places, namely-planning, arranging and implementing. During first two stages the programme installations and a time table, are planned and the necessary arrangements of resources, equipments, tools and instructions to workers, over-time, etc, are made. The implementations or actual installation involves the introduction of developed method as standard practice, problems associated with us developed method should be carefully studied and remedied, if necessary. Installation phase is complete as soon as the new method starts working smoothly and satisfactorily and gives encouraging results.

6. Maintain the new method ensure the proper functioning of the installed method by periodic checks and verification. The purpose of checks and reviews is to find if the method  being practised is the same or it has deviated from the authorised one. Reasons for deviation if any should be explored and the necessary changes may be made in the procedure being practised so that it reverts to the authorised one. Views of the workers, supervisors and other persons related with the authorised method can be much help in exploring further improvements.   


SIMO  (Simultaneous-Motion Cycle) Chart



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