refrigeration evaporator


Different types of evaporators are used in different types of refrigeration applications and accordingly they have different designs. The evaporators can be classified in various ways depending on the construction of the evaporator, the method of feeding the refrigerant, the direction of circulation of the air around the evaporator, etc. Here we have classified the evaporators based on their construction.
·         Bare Tube Evaporators
·         Plate Type of Evaporators
·         Plate Type of Evaporators
·         Finned Evaporators
·         Shell and Tube types of Evaporators
·         According to the manner in which liquid refrigerant is fed
·         a flooded evaporator
·         dry expansion evaporator
·         According to the mode of heat transfer
·         Natural convection evaporator
·         Forced convection evaporator
·         According to operating conditions
·         Frosting evaporator
·         Non Frosting evaporator
·         Defrosting evaporator

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