Mechanical breaking system

Mechanical breaking sytem

A brake is defined as a mechanical device that is used to absorb the energy possessed by a moving system or mechanism by means of friction .The primary purpose of the brake is to slow down or completely stop the motion of a moving system , such as a rotating drum , machine or vehicle .it is also used to hold the parts of the system in position at rest . An automobile brake is used either to reduce the speed or the car or to bring it to rest. The energy absorb by brake can be either kinetic or potential or both .In automobile application the brake absorbs the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle .In hoists and elevators the absorbs the potential energy released by the objects during the braking period .The energy absorbed by the brake is converted into heat dissipated to the surroundings. heat dissipation is a serious problem in brake applications .

Brake are classified into following three groups . 

Mechanical Brakes - Mechanical brakes are operated by mechanical means such as levers , springs and pedals ,Depending upon the shape the friction material the mechanical brakes are classified as block brake ,internal or external shoe brake .disk brake and band brake .Brakes are also classified into two groups according to direction of the actuating force ,namely ,radial brakes and axial brakes .Internal and external shoe brakes are radial brakes , while disk brakes are axial brakes.

Hydraulic brakes - Hydraulic brakes are operated by fluid pressure such as oil pressure or air pressure.

Electric brakes -  Electrical brakes are operated by magnetic forces and include magnetic particle brakes, hystersis brakes,and eddy current brakes .


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