What is the full form of LPG refrigeration cooler?

Liquefied petroleum gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is combination of Propane (C3H8) and Butane (C4H10). LPG is used as a fuel for domestic purpose, drying can industrial, LPG be horticultural, to agricultural, another cooking, heating fuel. 


  •  Colorless. 
  •  Flammable. 
  •  Heavier than air. 
  •  Approximately half the weight of water. 
  •  Nontoxic but can cause asphyxiation. 
  •  A good mixture: 
  •  Boiling Point: 


This work replaces the conventional refrigerant by LPG as a cooling medium in a refrigerator. It works on the principle  that during the change of LPG from liquid into gaseous form, expansion of LPG takes place. Due to this expansion pressure drop occurs and increase in volume of LPG. It results in the drop of temperature and a refrigerating effect is produced and it is used for cooling purposes. In this refrigeration system the high pressure LPG is passed through capillary tube and it expands, after expansion the phase change occurs and it convert from liquid to gas. Then it passes through the evaporator where it absorbs the latent heat of the stored product and produces the refrigerating effect.       


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