which are called fluid ?

In physics and engineering, the term "fluid" refers to a substance that can flow and take the shape of its container. Fluids include both liquids and gases. Here's a brief explanation of each:

  1. Liquids: Liquids are a form of fluid that have a definite volume but no fixed shape. They can flow and take the shape of the container they are placed in. Examples of liquids include water, oil, milk, and gasoline.
  2. Gases: Gases are also considered fluids. Unlike liquids, gases do not have a definite volume or shape. They expand to fill the entire space available to them. Gases are highly compressible and can be easily compressed or expanded by changes in pressure and temperature. Examples of gases include air, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Both liquids and gases are classified as fluids because they exhibit the characteristic property of fluidity, which means they can flow and deform under the application of external forces.



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