What is a refrigeration ?


Refrigeration is defined as the process of extracting heat from a lower-temperature heat source, substance, or cooling medium and transferring it to a higher-temperature heat sink. A refrigeration system is a combination of components and equipment connected in a sequential order to produce the refrigeration effect.                                                  Refrigeration may also be defined as the process of achieving and maintaining a temperature below that of the surroundings, the aim being to cool some product or space to the required temperature.

Necessity and Applications

Applications of refrigeration:

Food processing, preservation and distribution

Chemical and process industries

Special Applications such as cold treatment of metals of metals construction, ice skating etc.

Comfort air-conditioning .

Storage of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

• Dairy Products • Meat and poultry • Beverages • Candy

Chemical process industries

• Separation of gases • Condensation of Gases • Dehumidification of Air • Storage as liquid at low pressure• Removal of Heat of Reaction• Cooling for preservation

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